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    Boyar Family of Companies

    Whether uncovering a new idea for our research subscribers, managing pension funds, or handling accounts for individual investors, our research-driven insights help both professional and individual investors pursue their investment goals. 


    Boyar Asset Management focuses on investing in the equity securities of intrinsically undervalued companies.


    Boyar Research was established in 1975 to provide independent research utilizing a business persons approach to stock market investing.

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    Understanding Dividends: How Companies Allocate Money

    The Boyar Value Group’s 4th Quarter Letter 2023

    The Boyar Value Group’s 4th Quarter Letter 2023

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    "The World According to Boyar podcast brings top investors, best selling authors, and market newsmakers to show you the smartest ways to uncover value in the stock market." 

    Anthony Scaramucci on resiliency, cryptocurrencies, and much more.

    Guy Spier, Portfolio Manager of the Aquamarine Fund and Author of the Education of a Value Investor

    Patrick Doyle, Executive Chairman of RBI on: increasing Domino’s share price by 23x; his vision for Tim Hortons and Burger King; and his thoughts on 3G Capital.

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    Understanding Dividends: How Companies Allocate Money

    Comcast, Atlanta Braves, and 3 Other Forgotten Value Stocks With Potential to Grow

    Will Small Caps Stand Out In 2024?

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The Boyar Value Group’s 2nd Quarter Letter 2023

The Boyar Value Group just released our latest quarterly letter to clients.

Please find an excerpt of the letter below:

There is an old Wall Street adage that markets like to climb a wall of worry, and the price action thus far in 2023 seems to exemplify that. Despite concerns among investors over the fallout from the regional banking crisis, uncertainty about the future direction of interest rates, continued fears of recession, and a debt ceiling standoff, the S&P 500 advanced by 8.7% for the second quarter of 2023, bringing its total gain for 2023 to 16.9% as of June 30, 2023. Simply put, investors’ obsession with AI’s potential (and willingness to bid up shares of index heavyweights poised to benefit from it, such as Nvidia and Microsoft) seems to out-weigh any (and indeed all) of these fears. 

Please click here to read the entire letter.